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"Man always dreams of evolving into something better."

An intelligent human being is the one who keeps learning. Personality is one's biggest asset. One, which you can, neither get rid of, nor can you hide. Personality and its development are aspects of human life that should be developed through consistent efforts. In today's world, academic knowledge alone is not sufficient to grow and excel in life. It is no longer possible to get a job or an admission just on the basis of an entrance test. Each of these processes are followed by either a group Discussion or a Personal Interview, or both. Therefore we not only have to be technically and academically sound but also on other personality fronts. The PPSP module aims to make the students more confident, assertive, and aware of themselves and their surroundings. This will help them emerge smarter and more dynamic individuals. The following and a few other factors are taken into consideration while conducting these classes; self-awareness, General Awareness, IQ, EQ, Social Skills, Presentation Skills, Creativity, Communication Skills, Positive Attitude etc. Thus the PPSP module provides a platform to the students to start improving on this ever evolving phenomenon called personality.



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