My memories at IMS Ghaziabad are fresh in my mind yet falling short of words to express my feelings. My journey at IMS was not a planned one but I had the most profound experience of my life & it was superb. After completing my engineering in Computer Science, I had two options in front of me, first to join a job and pursue my career in Computers or to increase my domain knowledge & enhance my skills by taking up PGDM. I decided to give myself a chance to explore, discover and achieve more in life. A single step at IMS Campus was a giant leap for an aspiring student of PGDM. PGDM at IMS is not just the course, its way beyond that. From classroom discussions to GD's, Presentations, surprise quizzes, fests, live project, workshops, seminar, conferences etc, everything was wrapped up to make you confident enough to face the challenges of the corporate world. Each day was a new learning experience which helped me to emerge out as an all-rounder.

The backbone of the institute is the strong team of faculty which plays a big role in a student’s life, without which I would have gone astray. My heartfelt gratitude to the CRC team who gave me opportunity to present myself without hesitation in many reputed companies. They have done their best from the very beginning, from individual mentor sessions to preparing us for the interview and how to handle & facing pressure situations and rejections. All this was only possible because of the efforts put in by the faculty member and the CRC team to bring out the best of every student. As a result of which, i am a part of one of the biggest Consumer Durable Finance Company-“Bajaj Finserv”.

The most joyful part of these two years was my stay in IMS Hostel, new friends became the essential part of family and the time away from home was awesome. My success was possible because of the collective efforts and encouragement of my director, chairperson, faculty, CRC Team, friends and family.

IMS has added a new chapter to my life; a very colourful one with endless memories. I thank everyone for these wonderful two years. I will always be a proud IMSian.

Thanks to IMS Ghaziabad!!!

Ishaan Malhotra
PGDM 2014-16
IMS Ghaziabad

“A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success”

In 2014, I had to face a dicey situation wherein I had to make a choice; either to continue my Job at Adecco or join PGDM Programme at IMS Ghaziabad. I joined IMS Ghaziabad to get better option than Adecco & I can say that the decision which I took was very much correct.

IMS provided me the kind of platform where I got so many opportunities to learn & connect with corporate; whether it is live project or corporate interface series.

I still remember when I came to this college for GD/PI on January 23rd, 2014. I had many doubts on Placements, Faculties and many more issues but when I saw the placements of my immediate seniors. I become confident that definitely IMS will provide plenty of opportunities to get to a better working place.

The mock interview and PREP sessions really helped me to tackle interview questions. It helped me to figure out the best possible questions that an interviewer may ask in final placement interviews.

Thanks to the Faculty of IMS Ghaziabad who helped me to improve my domain knowledge & understand the corporate culture so that I can perform better in the future. A special thanks to CRC Dept. who gave me my dream opportunity – Berger Paints

Last but not the least, a heartiest thanks to my parents & friends who have always supported me

Thanks to IMS Ghaziabad!!!

Pradeep Kr. Pandey
PGDM 2014-16
IMS Ghaziabad

Time flies but memories reside inside you for a long time. IMS Ghaziabad has given me ample of memories which I will cherish throughout my life. Taking admission in IMS Ghaziabad had proven to be one of the best decisions of my life. After hearing from some of my colleagues and friends I decided to take admission here. The very first day of induction actually taught me that it is not going to be a cake walk. We were highly motivated by the alumni and the guests who introduced us to this new upcoming world of corporate. The first year was a guiding and a learning experience. Class room discussions and presentations were of great help to build my confidence and gain knowledge about different fields which definitely helped me in my placements. we were exposed to many guest lectures, industrial visits, live projects, seminars, International Conference and many extracurricular activities which some or the other way helped me in enriching my knowledge and enhancing my skills. We also had our annual fest mélange which gave us the opportunity to learn how to coordinate and organize events in a better way.

The knowledge and learning which was provided by my faculties benefited me a lot to crack my dream company Deloitte India. The mock interviews and personality development sessions conducted by the faculty helped me a lot to focus and enhance my skills and knowledge to crack this company. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to the entire CRC team for giving us a number of opportunities and the best platforms where we could showcase our knowledge; talent and skill.

At last I would like to say that I owe my success to IMS Ghaziabad, Director Sir for giving me an opportunity to built a great career for myself and my friends who have always guided me and motivated me whenever I felt disheartened. I could not have wished for more than this.


Monika Tripathi
PGDM 2014-16
IMS Ghaziabad

When I started my search for the Best Management institute in Delhi NCR in 2014, I visited IMS Ghaziabad for counseling and information purpose, I was really impressed by the personal attention and the state-of-art infrastructure at IMS.

All facilities at IMS are Hi tech and Modern. The classrooms are well equipped; seminar halls are large with LCD projectors & multimedia facilities. The large reading hall & Wi-Fi campus makes students comfortable.

Separate boys and girls hostel with 24 * 7 security and full-fledged cafeteria gives you homely atmosphere. I will never forget the Mentoring & Counseling done by our faculties and guides. A separate mentor has been allotted to us to share personal as well as any academic problems. We have attended and organized many seminars, quiz competitions and learnt new cultures by being with students from other states at IMS Ghaziabad.

I got the campus placement in DCB Bank and I would like to thank CRC team, Faculty members & our Director. I am Proud to be an IMSian.


Abhinav Anand
PGDM 2014-16
IMS Ghaziabad

"Success doesn't come that easy, you need to possess a strong will power so that no one can stop you from tasting success".

I took admission in IMS Ghaziabad for just one reason that is to succeed in my goals and achieve a good placement. My journey started in IMS Ghaziabad with initial 5 days of Induction ceremony which gave me overview about very well established college and educated as well as experienced faculty The College helped me a lot in enhancing my interpersonal skills. Regular Group discussions and Personal Interview sessions in the college was very beneficial for me in sharpen up my skills.

It has been quite a fast forward journey, as the life in IMS was very busy with events, training and educational stuffs. I want to thank, whole heartedly, the dedicated faculty for sharing their knowledge with us and a special thanks to our Programme chairperson Dr. Tapan Kumar Nayak, our Director for providing us the best possible educational opportunities in form of Guest lectures, Mock interview session, Training of skill development etc.

Due to this, I got placed in Pantaloons within 18 days of placement being started at a very attractive package. I sincerely thanks the entire CRC Team for working so hard in our Placement activities and letting me get the right placement for myself.

"If you are Dedicated and Focused to achieve your goals then only you will meet your expectations and realize your true strengths"


Harshit Abhishek
PGDM 2014-16
IMS Ghaziabad

It was after 2 years of completing my graduation that I came across some good reviews about pursuing PGDM from IMS Ghaziabad, from one of my acquaintance who also pursued the same from the institute. Since it came directly from the person whom I could rely upon, I instantly made up my mind to pursue the same.

After getting admission to the college, it was time for Induction program which carried on for a period of 5 days where I got to understand the basics of the PGDM Program. It was led by many speakers and alumni who shared their wonderful experiences and motivated and guided us about the program.

On the first day of college, I met my colleagues and then we eventually became friends who played a very important role in being a great source of motivation. The faculty base, here, at IMS is so wonderful, helping and knowledgeable that every student finds it very easy to handle their problems or difficulties as the teachers pose to be a perfect solution and a great motivation to all. They are one of my major success factors here. It was their concern, help and motivation that I gained such confidence and became prepared for my career.

The PGDM course is accompanied by so many guest lectures and Alumni talk series, which are a complete add-on to the course since I got to learn the real life experiences and also, the various workshops, seminars and conferences helped me gain knowledge and enhance my skill set. The course is full of so many extracurricular activities which include various activities from different specializations, which are great fun as well as a great source of knowledge. So, the studies became a lot more fun apart from being studies only. Various group discussions and presentations were a part of the course curriculum which helped me improve and groom my personality.

The second year is a bit busy for every student as this is the time for placements. The faculty works so hard here to groom the students and make them placements-ready. So, finally when it was the time for placements and I was greatly assisted by my faculty who helped a lot in making all of us ready for the campus interviews by conducting various mock interviews and interactions with the Alumni. Many Preparatory sessions were also arranged and the students were prepared for the interviews in the best possible manner as they could be. The day came when I got placed in my dream company, Deloitte India, and I pay all my gratitude to my faculty in helping me and preparing me for such great career. It is all because of such great faculty and my dearest friends that I saw my dream come true.


Anjali Singh
PGDM 2014-16
IMS Ghaziabad

Learning is a key to success and with this dream I always moved on my life. I always wanted to learn more and more. It was July 15, 2014 when my life took a big turn towards my success. It was the day when I entered one of the most premier institute - IMS Ghaziabad. I entered the institute with full of dreams to learn and become a successful person in my life. This was the day when my institute welcomed all the PGDM 2014-2016 batch.

We were welcomed with an Induction program of one week where we were given chance to interact with successful people from Corporate and learn many things from them. Slowly time moved on and I started thinking big and also started learning something new every day. My institute then gave me a chance to attend international and national conferences which was like dream coming true. Institute also organized many cultural as well as college festivals in which I was given a chance to coordinate and develop leadership skills.

My first success in IMS was when I won debate competition out of 46 teams. I became also 3rd in Anmol Marketing plan contest. I also became the coordinator of IIM –A’s AMAETHON on behalf of IMS GHAZIABAD. It was the first time when IMSIANS visited and attended any workshop and conference in IIM–A. I also participated in Dr. Subhash Chandra Show, Zee tv, Zee news.

My life has become full of learning every day. Time moved on and learning increasing day by day. My institute developed and groomed my personality with the help of Personality Development classes who made me aware of what corporate are all about and taught us ways to groom our personality and get recognized in Corporate where we need to face tough competition.

I got my Summer internship in VODAFONE EAST LTD, DLF, KOLKATA which is the head office of Vodafone West Bengal. I was happy then because I had become the part of world’s second largest telecommunication company.

Another achievement, rather I would say the biggest achievement, was when I got placed in Nestle India Ltd, the world’s largest food and nutrition company.

For my journey in IMS, I would sincerely thank all my respected faculties, mentor, the whole CRC Team, our director, and last but not the least - MY FAMILY.

Subhayu Saha
PGDM 2014-16
IMS Ghaziabad

My memories at IMS Ghaziabad are etched in my mind yet falling short of words to express my abstract delight to join one of the biggest avenues of the industry “Deloitte”.

My journey at IMS was not a planed one but was a call from destiny which cannot be denied. A single step at IMS Campus was a giant leap for an aspiring student of PGDM. PGDM at IMS is not just the course, its way beyond that. From GDs to Presentations, from surprise quizzes to fests and endless conferences live project everything was wrapped up to make you more confident enough to face the corporate world. Each day was a new learning experience. And because of this learning I emerged out to be an all rounder and a strong personality.

The backbone of the institute is the galaxy of faculty which is an ocean of knowledge, without which I would have gone astray. My heartfelt gratitude to the CRC team which gave me opportunity to present myself without hesitation in many reputed companies. They have done their best from the very beginning, from individual mentor sessions to preparing us for the interview and facing rejections. I got shortlisted for Copal Amba as well. All this was only possible because of the charismatic outlook of the CRC team.

The most joyful part of these two years was my stay in IMS Hostel, second home with friends as my family, guide and everything else. My success was possible because of the amalgamated efforts of my faculty, CRC Team , friends and family.

The story doesn’t end here. It would be incomplete without acknowledging the efforts of IMS that made this possible. I thank everyone associated with the IMS family. I owe it all to this institute. I will always feel proud to be an IMSian. All the memories cherished will never fade away.

Komal Nawani
PGDM 2014-16
IMS Ghaziabad

A theory in Physics states that a body must cross the force of limiting friction in order to be in motion. Crossing the ‘limiting friction’ was of prime importance for me, when I joined PGDM at IMS Ghaziabad in July 2014. In a span of 2 years, a lot of efforts took to make matter ‘in motion’ – classes, case-studies, group-discussions, personal interviews, placement preparation session, events etc. Eventually I got my beginning in the form of wonderful Placement in the Operations Division of Hind Terminals Pvt. Ltd.

The efforts clearly weren’t mine alone, but majorly that of the faculties and the placement committee in providing a potent direction and opportunities. However, I also cannot deny the involvement of each entity associated with IMS Ghaziabad – my batch-mates, my seniors, my juniors, the staff, the hostel – in contributing to the very environment, the favorable conditions in nurturing me out into achieving something substantial. The guidance and the corporate exposure– which started from the very first day of the Induction Programme - was key in aligning all the competencies, duly polished during the course of several academic and cultural events.

Being a part of the Institute’s Editorial Committee and the Anchoring Committee of various events provided a platform in not just honing my presentation skills but also in better adapting to a professional sense of being. The Summer Internship Programme ensured that while having hands-on experience, corporate learning experience is also provided to the students, leading to an easier transition into the impending company culture.

In conclusion, success doesn’t seem like one destination as of now, but a long way ahead. To derive from the film “Interstellar” – “We have always defined ourselves by the ability to overcome the impossible.” The way IMS Ghaziabad had influenced me is nothing short of an inspiration which allowed me to overcome an impossible for myself. The way it had always been, there are going to further instances of ‘impossible’ in the future but, the ‘inspiration’ shall continue in my efforts to‘re-define’myself in crossing them to newer and higher achievements.

Tanay Chaudhari
PGDM 2014-16
IMS Ghaziabad

I was an ordinary graduate and then PGDM from IMS Ghaziabad changed my school of thought completely. IMS Ghaziabad is a milestone in the journey of my life which I would cherish till the very end. I stepped inside the campus with lots of hopes and my parents’ dreams. The five day induction program was wonderful and I got a chance to listen to many eminent speakers. The management of IMS makes sure that by the end of course, each and every student should be ready for the corporate world and for that the preparation started on the very first day.

I am grateful to our Programme Chairperson Dr. Tapan Kumar Nayak for supporting us and providing a platform were we can fulfill our dreams. The academic density in the first year was tremendous, and there is no easy way to escape. Nothing like what I have ever experienced in my life. I felt paradigm change in my perception and motivation. Something I really appreciate now that I have crossed that stage under the guidance of one the best IMS faculty members.

The intellectual capital in IMS are one of the best that one could get in any management college,and no doubt IMS stands proud in the top 20 B-Schools in India. Tumble of GD and case studies practices, plenty of management concept always fascinate me to attend regular classes.

My institute gave me enormous chance to attend international and national conferences which was like dream coming true. Institute organized many cultural as well as college festivals in which I was given a chance to coordinate and develop leadership skills. My life was becoming full of learning every day. Institute developed and groomed my personality with the help of Personality Development classes who made me aware of what corporate are all about and taught us ways to groom our personality and get recognized in corporates where we need to face tough competition.

These teachings helped me in my summer internship program at IMRB International, Kolkata to prove myself the best among all time moved on and finally with the help of our great CRC team who played the most important part of my life and acted as a right hand of the institute in making students available with best job opportunities.

Apart from Director Sir, I would like to thank my institute faculty members. I’m very much thankful to Prof. Vijendra Dhyani (Genius of Marketing), Prof. Divya Gupta & Prof. Saloni Chitkara (Best in Quant’s), Dr. Yogita Sharma (Best Mentor), Dr. Ruchi Sharma (Specialist in Sales & Distribution), Dr. Sunayana Jain (Genius of Supply Chain), Dr. Vishal Gupta (Best in Project Management & Total Quality Management), Dr. Nandita Mishra (Brilliant in finance), Dr. Anita Singh (Best in HR), Prof. Soni Sharma (Best Motivator), Prof. Prachi Anand (Best Groomer) And my special thanks to CRC Team Rohit Sir (best in placements), Charu ma’am & Ankit Sir (best in taking out the mistakes and rectify them).

At last but not the least I want to thank my family, my friends for supporting me at every place.

I am really thankful to our CRC team for the best support and giving me a chance to get placed in one of the top brands Redington

Proud to be an IMSian !

Sudip Ranjan Das
PGDM 2014-16
IMS Ghaziabad

“If You Want Something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do Something You’ve never done”

Life has given me many highs to feel proud and lows to learn from it. It was an intelligent decision of choosing IMS Ghaziabad as my road to success. The ride started with an induction programme which gave a central idea of how I will be taught, trained and tested to perfection in order to match the following corporate demands. I knew there's a lot in store for me in this PGDM programme.

IMS Ghaziabad has brought overall transformation in my life, it made me learn how to overcome your dismay. I got the opportunity by taking part in different fests and events that took place in college which has brought lot confidence in me. The best part of this college is that the focus is on overall career development of students not on placements through PPSP (Personal and Professional Skills) classes. I firmly believe one who possesses the determination and have patience towards his or her work will definitely succeed in life.

I did my summer internship in Outlook India. where I got to know their exact work culture, their vision and missions. It was complete package of inferences that was extracted from those 2 months which helped me in improving my skills and personality. One and half year passed and the placement session started, it was like the time passed so quickly and now I am at the start of new stage

I still remember how difficult decision it was for me to take admission in IMS Ghaziabad as at the same time I was having offer letter in my hand and was confused whether to go for job or to complete my post-graduation first, but after the end of these two years I can proudly say that my decision proved to be the productive one, the amount of learning’s that I have gained in IMS Ghaziabad is huge and definitely going to help me in my corporate life.

I failing to express my level of happiness after getting placed and having two offer letters in my hands and that too premium brands like DEUTSCHE BANK and DAFFODIL SOFTWARE PVT. LTD.. This would not have been happened without the valuable inputs and blessings from my faculties, parents and my friends.

A Sincere thanks to Programme Chairperson – Dr. Tapan Kumar Nayak, Faculty members, CRC team, other staff members and yes my whole PGDM Batch 2014-16 for their continuous support, encouragement, guidance throughout the journey of 2 beautiful years at IMS Ghaziabad.

I would also like to thank my junior batch 2015-17 for their love, affection for this last year that we had together. Life will be taking another transformation from here onwards; the moments spent here will be memories now. It feels good to be recognized as an IMSian and will surely going to miss each and every one

Proud to be an IMSIAN.

PGDM 2014-16
IMS Ghaziabad

More to follow.....



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