Dr. Shann Turnbull

Dr Shann Turnbull did his MBA from Harvard and a serial entrepreneur establishing a number of businesses including two mutual funds and three firms that became publicly traded.
As a founding member a private equity group that took control and re-organised a dozen publicly traded companies between 1967 to 1974 This proved to be enriching experience being a CEO and/or chair of listed corporations.

His academic pursuits reflected first time In 1975 , when he co-founded/authored the first course in the world to provide a qualification for company director’s, and wrote his first book, “Democratising the Wealth of Nations”. The innovations in his book led to privatizing consultations in the 1990’s for Czech + Slovak Governments and the State Commission for Reform of the Economic System of the Peoples Republic of China.

Dr. Shann Turnbull completed his PhD research in 2000 that established the Science of Governance. After privatizing problems in the UK he was commissioned by the London based New Economics Foundation to author in 2002, “A new way to govern: Organisations and society after Enron”. During 2002 to 2007, Dr. Shann represented the London based Hermes Focus Asset Management in Australia. In 2011 he co-founded the Sustainable Money Working Group and in 2014 the New Garden Cities Alliance. He is a member of The Anderson Leadership Group “Wise Network” and is an expert member with New Economic Knowledge Services in the UK. Dr. Shann is a prolific author of professional and academic writings and regularly reflects on reforming the theories and practices of capitalism.

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